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Labyrinth of you and fog (君と霧のラビリンス) Square Enix New Game Android - IOS

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Video Gameplay walkthrough

◆ ◇ What is the Labyrinth of you and the fog ◇ ◆
Crowded on Gakuen Island You met a member of the student council who fights an enemy "Fogg" emerging from the fog and decide to stand up to the mystery of fog.
What kind of future do you grab?

A main story that exists in each of 12 people.
Subrout is more than 200!
Not only is it full voices by luxury voice actors,
BGM has over 30 songs! And, recording with raw sound!

There is no doubt that your ears will be happy! You are going to the world of Kimikiri now!

◆ ◇. °. ◇ ◆ Application overview ◆ ◇. °. ◇ ◆

■ Main stories in which 12 stories are intertwined with each other! ■
Student Council Executive Division An original main story for all 12 members!
There are over 200 kinds of subrouts accompanying it!
Find your favorite developments!
All stories that you can read fun can all be enjoyed with full voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Follow the mystery of the intertwining story and unravel the mystery of fog!

■ You can change your dress like you like your favorite handsome! ■
Let's change suits and idol costumes and seasonal costumes in delusions, change clothes of your favorite clothes Change the pose and expression of the boy who changed it Take a picture from various angles!

■ VR mode that catches the everyday life of boys ■
A boy will talk to me sitting on the sofa in the room!
Let's take a peek at those unfamiliar everyday objects that can not be seen in the main story!

※ Please rest assured that you can experience even if you do not have VR goggles

■ Introducing luxurious appearance voice actors ■

<Cast voice actor introduction! >
Aoi Shota, Akihiro Ishikawa, Yuichiro Umehara, Yoshiyuki Kohzu, Yoshiyuki Kohsuji, Yoshiyuki Kakuhara, Tetsuya Kakihara, Takahiro Sakurai, Noriaki Sugiyama, Shusuke Sukeyama, Kosuke Takeuchi, Wataru Hatano, Wataru Hatano, Natsuki Hanoe, Satoshi Hino, Daisuke Hirakawa, Tomoaki Maeno, Sadako Matsuoka, Ayumu Murase, Taku Yatsushiro
(50 tone alphabetical order)

■ Character design ■
manga artist. From 2013 "Monthly G Fantasy" (Square Enix) is serializing "Youth × machine gun" with the theme of survival game. Popular with attractive characters and actions with sharpness, in 2015 it is being TV animated (TBS and others).

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