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Aozora Under Girls (青空アンダーガールズ!) Android / IOS game of SQUARE ENIX

 Download: Android - IOS - APK

 Video Gameplay walkthrough (Youtube)

Beyond that blue sky - The challenge to girls' dreams begins now!

A new sensation idol game appeared tapping the card while enjoying 3D live playing!

Players become newly-produced producers of "private Kagura gigaokakuen"
The main character "Sakura Hinata" including 21 people with individuality rich
Together with "Under Girls (Egg of the Idol)", all idols
Aim for appearance "Starlight Festival", compete with rivals on "Live Battle"!

◆ ◆ ◆ Story ◆◆◆
Idol Sengoku period era
"Private Kagura gigaoka Gakuen" where there is an entertainment department specializing in idol training has been developed,
There are many in-campus productions to which idol eggs called "undergirls" belong,
I dreamed about top idol and had a live battle every day.

One day, a producer (player) who went to the school got from the school garden
Make an in-campus production, collect underground girls
It is told that I want you to produce.

When I was walking around the school to find an idol I was scouting, I saw it in the courtyard of the school,
It was a girl "Sakura Hinata" with a mysterious charm aiming for only one idle.

Below the blue sky, the underground girls' dream and growth stories begin now!

◆◆◆ Game content ◆◆◆
▼ Lesson & Story Part!
Collect the favorite girls (pushing guys) and produce your own unit!
Foster in a lesson part and raise it to No. 1 idle unit!
In the story part, while the undergarments rich in personality are frustrated towards their dreams
The hot-blooded youth story of the growing royal road!

▼ Battle with Live Battle!
While enjoying high-quality 3D live video with realistic presence as in a live venue
Just tap the card and it's a live battle with easy operation! Easier with auto play!
Multiplayer of cooperation · battle is also possible!

▼ change clothes & VR mode!
I freely dress up the idol costumes and accessories I got
Let's produce a shining men's shiningest appearance!
In VR mode it faces under girls at close range!

◆◆◆ Cast ◆ ◆ ◆
Ii Saka Sayuki, Iguchi Yuka, Inoue Kikuko, Inoue Honoka, Iwai Imiri Villa, Uchino Akane,
Aiki Nagano, Rumi Okubo, Kaedu Okutoya, Ai Akira, Kitano Tomo, Sagara actor, Sawada Miharu,
Mayuko Sugimachi, Yu Serizawa, Takahashi Hanabayashi, Takahashi Miyuki, Takayanagi Tomohi, Tokui Aozora, Nakada Joji,
Ayana Nanase, Mai Nishikawa, Rika Hayase, Saori Aoaki, Akane Fujikawa, Kaori Honda,
Minoru Mizuno, Himari Masuda, Kyoko Wada (Alphabetical order · Honorifics)

◆ ◆ ◆ Recommended for you! ◆ ◆ ◆
Those who like idols!
Those who like to create card decks!
A person who wants to be excited about a beautiful girl appearing in front of you with the VR function!
Those who love youth stories, whose chest gets hot!
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