miércoles, 12 de julio de 2017

SD Gundam G Generation Revolution ( SDガンダム ジージェネレーション アールイー ) Android IOS Bandai Namco

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You can experience powerful "Gundam strategy simulation"
New "Gene Generation" that celebrated "Innovation (Revolution)" appeared!

【Real-time · Gundam strategy simulation】
Organize your own troops and fight the battlefield that changes in real time!
The mobile suit can move the battlefield as it is thought of by the player. You can enjoy free play that matches the battlefield, such as "simultaneous attacks on all ally fighters" and "distribute warfare force to protect battleships"!

【Experience the name scene of the Gundam series! 】
A number of quests can be pursued which can pursue the view of the world of Gundam!
Not only the diverse stages where the atmosphere of the work can be felt but also the aircraft that appeared in the work will be added from time to time.

【Variety rich "development / design" can also be enjoyed! 】
Series "familiar" development / design "function will also appear.
By combining the aircraft obtained in the game, you can create a new aircraft.

【Series first! Online cooperation play】
"Online cooperation play" which is the first in the series is installed!
Communication is possible even during battle with simple chat.
Let's challenge the mission in cooperation with friends all over the world!

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