lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

絢爛乙女ガールズストライカー Girls Striker New Game Of Android and IOS

絢爛乙女ガールズストライカー Girls Striker. Download Android and IOS

 ■■ View of the world, and the scenario is Saki Saki is responsible ■■Cane of SoKiyoshi hero to live in peace in the Onari town was in hand."SoKiyoshi wand" is out to create a heavenly garment, the heroine "a different world Wither Deer (abbreviation: Wiz)" staff of mystery to summon from. Hero that was obtained in this way "SoKiyoshi wand", move the heroines and the force was summoned from different world Wither Deer, fight against unidentified enemy "Wien Bow"!To summon the heroine, the strongest, Protect the peace dressed charming heavenly garment!
■■ Depending on the dear degree between the heroines, scenario event happen! ■■Player is a game to enjoy the communication with ... heroine who also pose of the love "camera perspective" and heroines heroines are added.

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