lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

黒子のバスケ CROSS COLORS New game of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment In

黒子のバスケ CROSS COLORS. Download Android and IOS.

Finally Sumaho to «miracle» is coming ---App game is the emergence of "Kuroko's Basketball!"Full length newly written! Completely original story of adventure game!
◆ start unheard of 6 schools joint training camp is now! Collected in the training camp, MakotoRin high school, sea normal high school, Hidenori high school, Kirisumeragi Gakuen high school, Hiizumi high school, members of our Rakuyama high school.Enjoy the scenario the state of the joint training camp that appeared more than 40 characters.Practice scene of mixed schools filled, of course, do not miss the daily scene in the accommodation and dining hall!
◆ and illustrations to draw down, also part-recording down voice! The exchange of characters between the camp unique, try to enjoy the scenario, illustrations, voice!
◆ training camp story of the initial delivery is this two schools! ① Kuroko Tetsuya / MakotoRin High School Hen② Kise Ryota / sea normal high school HenHidenori and training camp story of high school ed later, events story that change every month one after another delivery schedule!And advance the story, the character of the photo and e-mail, the avatar items can GET!
◆ read in one day Episode 1 Free! Training camp story is read in the first episode free 1 day, 25 episodes configuration per route. 150,000 characters or more of the large volume!In addition ending a branch in the choices in the story? !
◆ Dress up your favorite character! Kuroko, fire god, or dress up an item the "miracle of the generation", can be powered up to decorate the player avatar in each of the room! (Player avatar Kuroko, fire god, also appeared other than the "miracle of the generation")
[Recommended OS version]Android4.3 or more

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