lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

アイラブショッピング - I Love Shopping Game of Android.

アイラブショッピング (I Love Shopping)Download Android .

 The world's first! Shopping mall game !!
In charge of deluxe shopping mall, Aim millionaire !!

♥ Name-brand Basic
Ruivi ○, Sha ○, bid !! luxury brands such as ○ Romani

experience in the game, shop management
In crisp simple operation, celebrity mind to the shopping mall to grab the.
Cafe game, you are playing in the restaurant game ... separately?
Cafes, cinemas, until the spa! The topic of the spot, Let made he wanted to!

Pounding management along with the secretary !!
Love route !! And not be removed, the battle with The Heirs continues !!

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