lunes, 11 de julio de 2016



Android and IOS

Science × reverse hard × romantic comedy! ?

As work your boss is an assistant in the phrase Institute of Science,
Some "genius scientist", also eccentric Dr. called a "mad scientist" from the part.

He piled the medicine in one day Dr., a result that was to drink what will become "your skin smooth extract",
Far from your skin becomes smooth, resulting in what the body is rejuvenated ...!

To hide the true identity, we had to take refuge on the high school students of Hayato apartment in the nephew of Dr. you.
Hayato is in its apartments that are left from the parent, the male high school students and teachers to attend the same high school and Hayato lived.
Boys somehow everyone seems to you to be interested in ...
Pounding life of the secret.

Now I, what's become! ?

Begin slapstick science Love comedy now!

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