miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017

ツキノパラダイス Tokikino Paradise Android/IOS Game - Bandai Namco.

                                                Download: Android and IOS

Twink Idol × Popular Voice Actor × Budding Airlines Artist! It is!
The idols who belong to "Tsukino performing art production"I will come to your smartphone!LIVE & breeding game appeared!
◆ Gravy of "Tsukita.", Idols with individuality including Procera! Six Gravity (Six Gravity)Procellarum (PROCARALLUM)SolidS (Solids)SOARA (Soarer)Growth (Growth)Theater company AltairThere are more than 37 people with idiosyncratic male idols like! We plan to add one after another!At the "Tsukino Dorm" where the idols belonging to Tsukino performing art production live together,Let's sneak out of their daily life!
◆ Over 24 tracks of recorded songs! Additional delivery is also one after another! Choose your favorite idol, and unite and challenge LIVE.Try to cheer by tapping according to cute chibi characters who dance to dance!When LIVE succeeds, the friendship of the two centers of unit is UP!
◆ Train idols in Tsukino dorm! In "Tsukino dorm function", Idol is freely living in 12 rooms of Tsukino dormitory,You can peek at everyday life.When I make friends idols in the next room, I go out to each other's room ...?If you respond to a request from an idol, there may be a gift for returning ...?GET secret item when cleaning the room you are going out?Let's take care of everyone in the dormitory by taking care and aim at the popular production!
In addition, "the ability to create your own original Tsukiusa (Ridz, Alain, Tomte)"Functions that idol will celebrate your birthday"Tsuki pro fans plenty of mini features that you can enjoy with everyone!

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