jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

ディズニー タッチタッチ Disney Touch Touch Android/IOS Game

Download: Android and IOS

◆ Look for mistakes and touch with magic ◆

A mistake search game to enjoy with the name scene of Disney work appeared in the application!

A strange storm has caused the books in the library to go crazy!
Together with Mickey Mouse, fix the mistake with the power of the magic pencil!

■ Records a lot of Disney works!
"Queen of Anna and Snow", "Zootopia", "Rapunzel above the tower"
Recorded many popular Disney works.
Let's enjoy looking for mistakes in the name scene of each work!

■ Find mistakes with magical pencils!
"Touch" to mistake within the time limit using "magical pencil"!
If you can not find any mistake, let's use items such as "HINT" and "STOP".

Let's collect characters with skills!
The magical pencil can transform into a character pencil with various skills!
Also, when you get a character pencil,
You can play the search for the mistake of the work that character appears!

■ Various types of mistake searching can be enjoyed!
In addition to looking for common mistakes looking for differences from the illustrations lined up side by side,
"Turn" which rotates pieces of divided illustrations to complete a puzzle,
"Zoom" to find the part that is zoomed in the illustration,
"Mirror" to find a mistake from inverted illustration,
Includes various game types!

■ The work continues to be added one after another!
Including new movies, works will be added one after the other!

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