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Rewrite Ignis Memoria Android/IOS Game

 Download: Android and IOS

【Game Contents】
"Rewrite" handled by game brand "Key" finally became full-scale strategy RPG and appeared on smartphone!
It contains stories of many worlds that were not drawn in original works and TV animation! That number 50 stories or more!
Win the battle with demons and rivals and enjoy new stories!

Make full use of the skill-based strategy, let your character grow and win the battle!
Of course, it is also important to produce items and foster characters at 'Ateliers of Birds'.

A high school student living in a greening city / festival, Keitaro Tennoji had a very ordinary life, but after a certain night it began to suffer from psychic phenomena.
Taro Atsuta asked the occult study group for help and started exploring the mysterious rumors of the city with his colleagues.
Such a fun daily life quietly, sometimes severely brings about the end of the collapse.
A journey to a new world begins, aiming for a future leading fireflies.

【Game Details】
1. Rewrite IgnisMemoria Original Story
There are more than 50 complete original stories depicting the world of "if". A new world of "Rewrite" spreads out here!
Let's enjoy the story with the heroines who did not come true with the original and animation.
The luxury voice actor team implements a new voice as it is original cast.

2. Incandescent strategy battle
Strategy battle that pretty SD character fights well.
Make full use of skill cards and win the fight against demons and rivals!

3. A variety of skill cards appeared
A skill card is necessary for a battle, and if a skill card is equipped in an appearance character, the skill to use changes.
With your choice, strategy battle that changes way of fighting develops.
Consumption costs (Ignis) are decided for each skill, and how to use Ignis holds the key to victory or defeat!
Find the battle style that suits you and kick the enemy.

4. Chara costume change
Equipped with the highest reality skill card, the costume of the SD character in the battle changes.
As new costumes appear more and more in the event etc., you can enjoy one scene with that girlfriend 's favorite!
Skill cards are acquired with events, gacha and so on.

5. That "birds' atelier" resurrected
From "Rewrite Harvest festa!" PC Game "Rewrite Quest", "Atelier of Birds" Revives!
Let's collect materials with battle and synthesize various items.
Items to be synthesized will be able to generate furniture for Oka laboratory rooms as well as upgrading, recovery and damage-related items.

6. Oka laboratory room of your own
Built-in room system that you can customize furniture and wallpaper yourself.
You can decide freely whether to make it a cool room or a cute room!
If you feel hot things in the in-game Friends = Amigo club, let's say "Let's go!"
"You can get it!" You will get a material gacha point that you and Amigo can receive item materials.

7. Powerful music that excites games
Of course BGM, songs use "Rewrite" original songs.
In the main theme, composition composer of Key who worked on numerous famous songs such as "poetry of birds" Shinji Origott was in charge of composition.
Make Kurosaki Makoto who is in charge of many thematic songs of popular animation works for vocals!

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