martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

Fish Island 2 (フィッシュアイランド2) Android/IOS Game

                                             Download: Android and IOS

Video Gameplay walkthrough part 1

It's like a fishing game and it's not a fishing game! Is it?New Genre RPG overturning common sense! Fish Island 2!■ Easy operation and exhilarating fishing!Easy operation just tap to the timing!Tap at the timing when the markers overlap!Fishing fish exhilaratingly with action style like rhythm game!■ Really fishing game! Is it?When fighting with the mighty boss "divine beast" change the fishing rod to "cannon"!Join the combo and release the cannon while preventing strong attack from the beast!Of course operation is simple!More than 300 kinds of "spirit" appeared!As a hero's powerful companion, more than 300 kinds of spirits appeared!Spirit can bring up to 4 bodies simultaneously, the combination is free!Take the spirit in accordance with the attributes of the enemy!■ Simultaneous match! Cooperation battle!Simultaneous fight with up to 4 people! To defeat the super huge and super powerful god animal,Let's work together!You can also create rooms for raid battle, so you can play with real friends!■ Story"World Line" where beautiful sea and fish live.In order to beat the god animals "Tiamat" threatening the world peace,And to be the vertex "Seamaster" of a fisherman who is a dream,The main character is an adventure with friends aiming for the farthest sea "Cronos Blue"!Enjoy the complete full voice story!

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