sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

Steel orchestra - はがねオーケストラ

Download: Android

Video Youtube

The new format of the game is increased created with the user
Reflect as much as possible the demand!
"Traced fight" strategy battle a new sense
"Fun to watch" story of all drama animation

◆ Story characters' is run around the inside of the screen! ? ◆
Progress the story in animation of play tailoring!
Rather than read, enjoy listening to see!

◆ Customize the mechanism to suit your taste ◆
Look, of course, in accordance with the fight side of the preference
A combination of mechanical, which is called the steel fight!

◆ Strategic overflowing Battle ◆
Battle between steel unfolds in 3D surround Battle of force.
Because steel is advancing as that traced the map with your finger,
How to fight with the performance of their steel divide the life and death! ?

◆ Tutorial play-by-play video style ◆
Yuitsuki Yukari, helical Maki is in the negotiations, such as the play-by-play video
It tells us how to work and play!

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