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Knights Chronicle - ナイツクロニクルクローズドβテスト New RPG Netmarble Games

 Download: Android
Video Gameplay

A new generation of RPG's this!
The NEW TYPE smartphone RPG to jump ahead
Let's experience!
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

▼ Ultimate turn-based battle
Skills that each character to be used in combat,
Beautiful graphics,
De flashy production and its force is very masterpiece of the word!
Combat system is casual turn-based battle!
Simple but fight friends and foes are jumbled battle pat strategy elements!
It is difficult because even AUTO mode is equipped
Also no problem with poor people!
▼ 5 people real-time multiplayer
Equipped with a noisily enjoy multiplayer mode with everyone!
In hand to fight in cooperation with colleagues
Sweat hold turn-based battle.
Powerful if fight with everyone even if not defeat alone
Enemy can defeat!

▼ Personality of the character is different
Cute, cool, cool, such as characters have a lot of personality perfect score.
All the characters are audio applications,
Is a must because the elaborate also fine gesture.
Your favorite character will surely
You should find.

▼ Rich game content
Dungeon / Arena (PVP) / Multiplayer
/ Story / Town / space-time crack
Yoshi also challenge the dungeon alone, even good enjoy intently the multiplayer,
How to enjoy the game each person.
As we enjoy to any people,
Game content has been enhanced.

▼ Tale spun in the ultra-luxurious voice actors
Hero Theo (CV: Yuki Kaji), Leona (CV: Ayane Sakura),
Lydia (CV: Yoko Hikasa),
Leiden (CV: Takahiro Sakurai), and the like, is gorgeous actors
Characters have to breathe the breath.
Furthermore story with a voice
Because they are playing, they are immersed in a world view
Is no doubt.

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