viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2016

EVA新世紀福音戰士‧適格者 - EVA Evangelion CHILDREN

Download: Android and IOS

Video Gameplay

Evangelion sweeping the world fifteen years, fans anticipating the cross-border Mobile phone games finally official debutShinji formally entered the game story in the third Tokyo-start, the players a more realistic point of view close to all the popular characters!EVA have not read it? Theatrical not seen it? Immediately join eligibility who experience the most original adventure!"Evangelion ‧ CHILDREN" true for you, offer the legendary 2016 anime RPG※ 200% reduction story of the classic battleRestore classic battle, bring you the most thrilling, most violent fighting bloodEVA organize their own team, ready to go against wave after wave of incoming mysterious apostleUnlike enjoy Movie, TV drama version of the new dialogue, new battle mode brings extremely stimulating sensory experience※ Body to develop! Armed unique transformation EVAIn addition to the ultra-popular unit-body, zero machine, two machine! Exclusive collection of EVA Mark.09, Germany Production EVA.04High vibration particles collect knives, plus positron particle gun, weapon transformation EVA appearance, body and equipment full Power UP!EVA greatly strengthen combat capability, can grasp the active time, the apostle annihilate it!※ CHILDREN culture! Inspired amazing potential driverShinji followed Asuka encountered, Rei Ayanami, the real hippo, Zhuxun other well-known driverMysterious props "Revelation" can greatly enhance the synchronization rate, but also to open up to a certain rate synchronous unique talent: runaway!Drivers' well-known exclusive body, but also to enhance the combat effectiveness of the Almighty through EVA high synchronization rate!

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