lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2016

ドラマチックRPG 神つり - Dramatic RPG God fishing SQUARE ENIX

 Download: Android and IOS

[It is sampled pulleys over the Gate arm]
Calamity suddenly, it was visited
Iwato of Hades that ruler Emma of the underworld has been opened ...
Countless demon is Attacks ground that crawled out
Detached bonds ... misfortune to be repeated ...
Among the reincarnation of Seiseiruten
It begins the story of the sun and the moon
[Game Description]
◆ Exhilarating in simple rules Battle
Just connect the panel and the enemy of the same color!
Enough to connect long, it gives a large damage!
Further erase the many panel and "Fever Mode" is activated!
Defeat the BOSS in a large reversal!

Skills can be used and to digest the turn of the provisions.
Changing the color of the panel, attack or effect different!
Defeat the enemy by combining a variety of skills!

◆ Trying to grow a god
Trying to strengthen by growing a God got in Gacha.
Evolution and defeat all the designated enemy will be able to.
When the growth is MAX, you may achieve further growth? !

◆ Daily Ranking
But God subdue rankings! Point to defeat God GET!
Large number points of chance encounters a big game God! ?
To all of the degree of difficulty there is a chance to encounter the "big fish god"
Aim! Ranked # 1!

◆ Super Daikichi GET in fortune fishing bonus givin every day! ?
Let's play in one of the Fortune Fishing bonus one day!
Compensation Nowak by the number of fish caught is changed.
If you find the super Daikichi, maybe something good things happen! ?

◆ Crowded element [Takarasao (was flail) training]
Trying to strengthen the deck at once to cultivate Takarasao after growing the God!
Takarasao can be enhanced by collecting the material.

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