jueves, 3 de agosto de 2017

ストライカースピリッツ (Striker Spirits) Bandai Namco New Game of Soccer/ fútbol

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Intuition play exhilarating football!
A new sensation football application that you can experience football dramatic scenes by touch operation!
· Decide a dramatic goal with one touch!
· When you touch the timing well, super player is activated with player skill!
· Over 2,000 active professional soccer players in more than 20 countries appear with the real name!
· Raise players and aim for the strongest team!

Main game mode

Defeat the club teams of each country, aim for the win!

Enhance game with other players!
Get player enhancement items with victory!

Let's develop home town with stadium and club office and strengthen team and players!

Besides this, we plan to add new features and players in the upgrading in the future!
Please expect "Straspi"! !

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