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Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine( 八月のシンデレラナイン ) Android / IOS Game

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Video Gameplay Walkthrough

Deliver impression and courage
"Youth experience baseball game", opening season!

◆ Staff
Planning and development: Akatsuki
Promotion cooperation: KADOKAWA
Animation PV: A-1 Pictures

◆ Cast
Nishida Nomi / Kondo Rena / Minami Eiki / Hanamori Yumi / Takagi Yumi / Midorikawa Yumi / Yamashita Nanami / Endo Yurika / Shuishi Haruka / Yashima Sara / Tachibana Rika / Omigawa Chiaki / Okuno Kaya / Yamaoka Yuri / Yoshino Watanabe / Yoshi Watanabe / Yui Matsui / Yoshi Kaneyama / Akemi Masai / Eriko Masui / Yoshiko Ikuta / Yoshihisa Komagata / Rika Hayase / Rika Hayase / Noriko Shibasaki / Maru Asahina / Funado Yuri

I have been enrolled in my grandmother's local high school 【I】
A new environment different from the place we have spent so far.

Nobody knows me about the city.

There is no freshness or excessive expectation anymore.
I will not be bound by [baseball] any longer.
I will slowly and regularly live a student life here.

"Awara Tsubasa is my favorite thing is baseball!"

It was supposed to be unnecessary. I threw it away .... I intended to do it.

"You love baseball, do not you?"

Again, I want to aim for you.
I have been dreaming since I was little, that stage -


◆ Director is "you"!
The player will lead the team as the director of the women's baseball club. In the game, 30 girls with distinct personality appeared. With various training methods, you can nurture your favorite team. Please experience the dazzling youth story through guidance of practice, hot fight with enemies (rivals) and so on.

◆ Official website
Experience the world of Hachinai! In the game there are plenty of content such as Hachinai's cartoons, novels, voice actors videos that can not be seen! Please have a look.

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