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文豪とアルケミスト (Bunka and Alchemist) Android / IOS game 2017

 Download: Android and IOS

 Video Gameplay in Youtube

◆ Bunraku and Alchemist
Before literature is deprived from people's memory, we aim to protect literary books from literary writers along with Bunka
It is a sentence incense incarnation simulation game.
Let 's cooperate with Bunka to purify the impudent literary book' Osaka '.

◆ Overview
DMMGAMES presents a simulation game featuring modern Japanese writers as characters.
Become a special librarian with the ability of a special force "Alchemist", foster the writers and bloom their abilities!

In a peaceful era where modern taste drifts suddenly, an abnormal phenomenon occurs in which literary books are dyed all black.
To cope with that, a person called a special ability person "Alchemist"
To reinforce the literary writer who knows the power of literature to protect the literary book.

Another literature tan ---- who went back to the world again and the writers spelled off ... ... "Bunraku and Alchemist" begins.

◆ Recommended for people like this!
· I would like to hear many voiced conversations by gorgeous voice actors
· I want to see a fight twinkle
· Interested in Bunka such as Akutagawa Ryunosuke and Dazai Osamu
· I want to see a lot of deep relationships such as teachers, friends, rivals based on historical facts
· I would like to coordinate my own room
· I want to soak in the atmosphere with good music
· I want to play games where operation is not complicated

◆ Features of the game
You are appointed as a special librarian who confronts the invaders with the writers who are called "Alchemist" who can reincarnate the literary soul from books.
"Purifying" an invader can have a glimpse of their own thoughts from individual letters and conversations, with their individuality.
Your job as a special librarian varies. Let's prepare for the next battle by strengthening the literary master, eating and restoring.
As the literary people grow up, you can also acquire one side you do not know of writers and new costumes.

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