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B-PROJECT ~無敵*デンジャラス~ Android / IOS Game of Music

 Download: Android - Itunes - APK V1.0.5
 Video Gameplay walkthrough in Youtube

【Comprehensive producer Nishikawa Takanobu × planning · original Shikura Chiyomaru】 The strongest tags are presented
BIG idol project "B-PROJECT" appears as a long-awaited smartphone application game!

Pick up the elements of the app you care about!

◇ ◆ Original story weave together by attractive members ◇ ◆
His private stories revealed for the first time in this work
The past clearly ... ...!
Try to find lots of unexpected aspects of them!
Also, it will be extensively closed up from this time
Members of "KiLLER KiNG" are also very active!
Of course the story part 【Live2D】 specification!
Members who can appreciate various facial expressions in realism according to the story can not be overlooked!

◇ ◆ Memorial shoot down photos must-see ◇ ◆
Colors a story that can only be seen in this work
A lot of illustrations shot by Pro B members appear!

◇ ◆ Easy-to-use rhythm game ◇ ◆
Even those who are not good at rhythm games are OK!
Let's play a rhythm game according to various songs of B-PROJECT and live together with the members!
New songs will be added at any time!
Organize your own special unit and enjoy luxurious songs!

◇ ◆ gorgeous appearance voice actors ◇ ◆
Kitamon Rin Bisha: Daisuke Ono
Ryozo country: Daisuke Kishio
Takeshi Kaneshiro: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Atsushi Yuta: Nagi Hanoe
Aizen Akira: Kato Kazuki
Increase Kazunami: Yu Shimamura
Yoshitaka Okyu: Teruya Kakihara
Wang Chae Hui: Shokutaro Morikubo
Nozomi Yurihiro: Okawa Genki
Teijin Shimomura: Toshiki Masuda
Teramitsu Yuyuki: Nishiyama Kotaro
Teramitsu Haruka: Taku Yatsushiro
Fudo Akumi: Shibuya Chiba
Lord Maitreyuki: Takuya Eguchi

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