lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

100 scenes love + all-you love! I read the story quickly! 100シーンの恋+ ぜんぶ恋愛!おとくにイッキ読み!- Android and IOS game

Download: Android and IOS

Love of 100 scenes + is a reading app that can charge girls' chests.
You can experience romance with various characters with a story full of heaviness.

[Main posted title]
· My daily life like this (New)
· Secret 2 LDK with your boss
· I fell in love with you from that night
· Oath vowed kisses suddenly

【Story in free release】
· "My daily life like this": Mote thumbnail version
· "Kiss of the oath is suddenly" Saeki Takamasa: main volume
· "Lover is an exclusive SP" Seiji Goto: main volume
"Tonight, we have a strange kiss" Mi: Main Part
· "Prince's Proposal Season 1" Keith: Main Part
· "Kaito X pretender notice of love" Kid enclosure: main volume

【Attraction of 100 scenes love +】
· Experience love with various world feelings · characters
· Additional delivery of 30 stories or more per month
· Stories that you can play free of charge are updated from time to time

▼ Contents of a reasonable monthly plan are as follows ▼
(1) You can read your favorite 3 stories every month
(Choosing 3 story of 480 yen, 360 yen more than normal!)
(2) All the stories of 6 episodes or more can be read for free up to 3 stories
(3) Viewing VIP Room (currently under preparation)

【recommended user】

· I love movies, dramas, romance novels
· I love reading manga
· I love stories, girls' comics, comics
· Read comics carefully for chest cheeks and crush
· I want to make girls' power up
· I want to taste the unique crime of girls in love
· Fashion, cosmetics, interior love
· I usually like free games
· I'd love to have a relationship with handsome guys
· I am interested in romance games, but a little otaku ...
· Lovers, those who want to see love in the boyfriend
· I want to play a love app for free
· Women who do not have eyes for romance apps for women, girl games
· I would like to enjoy the romantic drama app
· I'd like to enjoy a love simulation game

In addition, recommended for all girls and maidens
Enjoy the definitive version of the love game!

【About application provider company voltage】

Voltage Co., Ltd. provides a story type content "drama application" that can be enjoyed easily on mobile terminals with the theme of "drama of romance and fighting".
Even TVCM's familiar "Renai drama app" makes you become a heroine, you can experience your favorite partner and ideal romance story.
Currently more than 80 titles are delivered and played in the whole world.
Also, in November 2015, we started delivering the latest "suspense application" that can be enjoyed by men, so that more people can enjoy the story type content.
Voltage will continue to strive for content production with high quality.

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