jueves, 16 de marzo de 2017

Fake - all entertainers are liars? (フェイク~芸能人は全員嘘つき?) New game of Votage Entertaiment

Download: Android

◆ ◇ Story ◇ ◆I gave up my dream of becoming an actress, and I was living as a normal plain OL.However, I found that my boyfriend cheated on the underground idol! Moreover, it is fluffy -It was the opportunity of entertainment debut debut that I visited you in the bottom of such a life! Is it?I'm going to jump into the glittering entertainment world ... the celebrities around me are all black allegory!In the entertainment world full of liars, the beginning of Cinderella story begins at the bottom of you!
◆ ◇ Recommended for such anata ◇ ◆· I like games for women· I like girl games· I like puzzling games· I got tired of regular twinks!· I am tired of ordinary idols!· I really like bad guys· I care about scandal and gossip of entertainers· I want to read a little story· I want to be scratch anyway!
◆ ◇ Application overview ◇ ◆【Ayashii full of celebrities with rumors! No. 1 actor who wishes to be a lover, a prince acting orthodox idol, a burning role model of a salt face boom ...From Bandmann to Rakugo families, crowds of various genres gather together!To tell the truth, the face of the backside of everyone is ...! Is it?【Check SNS and rooms and prove evidence! Evidence that uncovers entertainers' lies is hiding in surprising places!Posting on SNS? What is the dressing room of the entertainer? Let's find it yourself![Ask a liar entertainer! When the evidence is complete, you will face directly with the entertainer and ask!When you announce the lie ... the hidden nature of the entertainer revealed! Is it?

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