viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

被不良少年盯上-跑腿羅曼史 (Was bad teenager eyeing - Run errands romance)

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In the face of them before, I really just want to have a good ordinary life ... !!!
In a moment of wrong choice, and the bully who are related to me,
But they look ... and the general bully seems not the same?

Last resort for the bully in the male run errands,
Thought it would be a lifetime of childhood, that I am ashamed but also I pretended not to know him,
Cheeky that he is a Ace hit, also carrying a baseball bag threat (?) My man,
Want to get rid of one person and five people have to do with the relationship!
Running the youth romance

Personality so different from us
... so we can get along well?

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