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魔幻冒險 - Magical adventure Android / IOS Game

 Download: Android and IOS

Video Gameplay 
Small violent fast-paced super-duel
I do not know the fire dance blood war
2017 new 3D magic world new world, together in the dream of the country to start the adventure, and the heroes of heaven against evil forces!
● fresh role and dazzling picture, full 3D scene, to create a new round of fighting
● four professional, one hundred heroes, four attributes a key to switch freely
● immediate round of fighting, a key to the opponent, designated screen release gorgeous big!
● Free construction of individual exclusive territory

Four-phase crystal broken, so that the eternal continent into the crisis of imbalance in the destruction of elements,
The disappearance of the guardian of the gods, the fall of the gods, elves rebellion, the last ray of light is about to be swallowed by the dark ....
The awakening of the heroes will be the hope of saving the whole continent.

[New play, the new magic world]
● Four exclusive occupation
● Pure Japanese style beautiful role to lead the debut
- shuttle in the jungle of the wizard - archers, good at two points to kill, high attack speed, high damage, trained a hundred feet to wear Yang's ability.
- Mercedes-Benz warriors in the battlefield - soldiers, good at single point to kill, broken Bureau, high survival, high output, explosive force can not be underestimated.
- high cold royal prince - Master, good at multi-body AOE, clear and blood line suppression, with the ability to control the power of the elements of the battlefield is the main output.
- Heal the angel of the people - the priest, good at the treatment of assistance, has a strong ability to cure, is the team's essential logistical support.

● Instant Round Fight
● Cute War Fight! Burning Little Violent Fighting
- fighting zero read seconds, a key set super cool, a move enemy HOLD live audience, set fire target is so simple!
● 100 kinds of unique heroes
● Elves, beasts, Meng pet to build the strongest hero days group
- more than 100 kinds of lovely heroes, little monsters and even big BOSS can all be a partner, come and adventure with them
● Intense camp duel
● Brothers and knights together to a glorious battle
- both camps field map at any time against the team, a team to snatch! Who said the round can not group war, bring you a fierce experience of the regiment
● Create a personal territory
● Free to create exclusive homes
- have a dedicated fief, free to build, free to create personal style
● Team friends cute interaction
● Quickly make friends from all walks of life, start happy adventure

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