sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017

Car Eats Car 2 New Game of Spil games

                                                         Download: Android

Video Gameplay Youtube

Car Eats Car finally comes back, this time to get revenge! Just when you thought you had the best car remote control of all, a local threat appears that provokes you with their evil machines. That night you fall asleep wishing you could crush and devour your cars somehow. And suddenly you appear behind the wheel of your remote controlled car, driving and destroying through levels of pure madness!RECHINATING CHARACTERISTICS• +35 new and crazy levels and 4 worlds to conquer!• Escape the enemy cars that try to devour you!• Make turns, tricks and tricks, and conquer the streets!• Collect fantastic updates to upgrade your vehicle!• Outlandish cartoon style graphics!• Burn the tires and see how the enemies eat your dust!FLYING MADNESSThis game at full engine requires serious construction skills. Jump obstacles, avoid approaching cars, dodge left or right objects and collect super power to go even faster! Before you know it, you'll be on the racetrack crashing cars and making your way to the first place.AVOID BITTERSWatch out for the biting enemy cars that try to devour you as you drive through troublesome levels. They are very agile and are always looking to bite your vehicle, so stay alert! Collect weapons and power enhancers to be able to destroy these evil mechanical creatures before they destroy you!Do you have what it takes to avoid being devoured in this crazy and arduous driving game?

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