viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

崩壊3rd (houkai3rd) Amazing anime game.

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Collapse ... An unknown force who once bury the civilization of mankind a number of times ... now descended into this peaceful world again.
B. Civilization of human beings that collapsed suddenly due to natural disasters around 2000.Even then, due to periodic flooding, people have repeatedly passed the history of building a civilization and collapsing.The fight against long collapse has exacerbated the earth and mutated 'collapsed beast' began to appear around the world. People who survived established a "mission organization" to explore ways to avoid extinction.As a result, it was confirmed that the "collapse phenomenon" from mutation of the living thing to annihilation and "stigmata" with opposing power were present.
Three years ago, the greatest disaster in collapse history called "Third Collapse Impact" settled on Changbao City, the land of the Far East where Kiana and Kasrana live.Kiana, who succeeded to the collapse by the blood of the Kasurana family, has escaped infection, but the damage was enormous, leaving a big bruise in the hearts of people.Kiana who lost his mother in a battle of the past and disappeared also by his father decided to face "collapse" and got on the battleship · Hyperion of the villaine team "Valkyrie unit" against the collapse.
- Stand up! To protect the beautiful worldMiHoYo presents a new generation of full-fledged smartphone action game "Collapse 3rd", starting.
◆ Terminal RecommendationAndroid 5.0 or higher
◆ Application priceApp body: Basic play free※ There are some paid itemsPlease be sure to check the terms of use before using.

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