martes, 31 de enero de 2017

スクールスタードリーム~カミオシ!~ School star dream ~ Kamioshi! ~

                                              Download: Android and IOS

★ Are you a JK faction? JC faction? Or ...? It is!"J" change system where idols will grow from JS to JC to JK!
Each idle has JS (primary part), JC (middle part), JK (higher part), it can start from JS and grow to JC, JK.In addition, you can switch JS / JC / JK freely any idle already grown!
★ New sense support game that leads idols to the top!3D idols sing and dance, cheering support stage!Voltage of the stage rises with your support.Easy operation just by tapping cheering items on the stage.Usage of cheering items, results change according to the type selection, a new sense cheering game!
★ Costume changeJust by presenting your favorite costume as an idol, you can also change the costume's dress.Costumes vary from gorgeous idol costumes to school swimsuits!

★ Story of fulfillment!Each Idol JS / JC / JK contains more than 10 Tori!You can enjoy the story of growth by character!
★ Character designA featured illustrator "Peko" appointed for character design!Full of JS, JC, JK and the charm of growing characters!
★ CastMakikawa Akemi (CV: Waki ​​Azu)Fujimura Kusunoki (CV: Bridcut Selah Emi)Ku Kuu Kinkai (CV: Yasuhiro Tanabe)Conquering quiet (CV: Rena Kondo)Fuyuki Yuhana (CV: Natsuki Nikaoka)Below one after another!
★ Theme Song"Lovely Day" Mia REGINAThe theme song by authentic faction anime vocal unit Mia REGINA which faces at Lantis x Dear Stage is recorded!

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