jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

LINE 潜空のレコンキスタ Senkuu no Reconquista Gameplay Walkthrough

 Download: Android and IOS
 Video Gameplay Walkthrough

◆ ◇ Features of the latent empty Reconquista ◇ ◆
■ 4 people cooperation! A new sense of command battle RPG
Cooperation is key to the fellow! "Advent Bosubatoru" incandescent
Hardball between players, a maximum of eight simultaneous play "4vs4 Battle"
Such as, equipped with a variety of game modes!

■ Spun by gorgeous artist team, "a story of friendship and ambition."
"Dragon Ball Z God and God" send, who Yusuke Watanabe is known for, such as "Attack on Titan" authentic human drama
The main character is Yūsuke Kozaki Mr. design cooperation and supervision
Four young people and one animal spirits is a story that unfolds the "large" "descending" "sea era" to the stage now, to set sail -

■ Talented actors to decorate the world
Yuki Kaji / Tetsuya Kakihara / Ai Kayano / Ibuki Kido
Toru Okawa / Takeuchi Shun輔 / Senbongi Ayaka / Kanako Kondo
Toshiki Iwasawa / Yasuhiro Mamiya / Tadokoro HiMuko / Fukamachi KotobukiNaru
Katsuyuki Miura / Natsumi Fujiwara / room Genki / Yuri Yamaoka
Manami Tanaka / Ueda Rei奈 / Yui Kondo / Haruka Yoshimura
Tanaka Miu / Okuno Ko耶 / Ayaka Fukuhara / other, many performers

■ Enhancement of the chat function "expedition"
Equipped with a companion and a chat function that can take the communication at any time congenial
And formed nationwide player and LINE friends and the "expedition", Uchitaose a formidable enemy confronting!

◆ ◇ Synopsis ◇ ◆

For a long time, this world has been considered that there is only one.
But the bottom of the sea, another of the sky have been discovered, under the sky, there was a savage land.
The human stomach the world, it was a surfaced continent.
People, get off the sea, it aims to the New World.

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