miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

Kung Fu panda 3 쿵푸팬더3 for Kakao

 Download: Android and IOS
 Video Gameplay Walkthrough

Fall 2016 he put on wait!
The return of Master Po tolerable if you can not stop!

Movie "Kung Fu Panda" for DreamWorks Kung Fu, plus exciting mobile game officially licensed by the pleasantness action ★ Panda 3 for Kakao ★ finally came to the Kacao!

■ Game Features

1) Wait a bloody fight for multilateralism and the worst villain unfolding ultimate companion!
Woogeu Way, Viper, Monkey, such as with the strongest colleague
Worst Villain Tie Leung, Shen, Chi Experience and daehyeoltu unfold.

2) reported only action RPG will go, waiting for multilateralism real action could not be seen with tolerable seafood!
Avoid the falling rocks rolling falling, defeat the fleeing monkey, I keep Zheng from enemy attack.
Throwing, Hui and rakes, enjoy an exquisite blend of combat and automatically take action to jeomhyeol.

3) Wait multilateralism are diverse and one particular dungeon movie motif!
Sipu sought with dumplings Snatch duel, a duel of Thai Rung lift a dungeon, infinite gongmen castle tower, etc.
Challenge mode to explore the more than 10 species figured capture the scene in the movie!

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