martes, 25 de octubre de 2016

キングダム セブンフラッグス - Kingdom Seven Flags Bandai Namco Entertainment

Download: Android and IOS

Video Gameplay

Kingdom Seven Flags "is, landed on the battlefield Kakeru is up to 1 million people VS1 million people of the army, is a real-time battle simulation game that leads to victory and led the army.
Free to organize the troops in the quirky characters who have appeared in the anime, let's pay-out to the battlefield to wait a number of formidable enemy. And to the troops in the only of intuitive fingertip instructs, soil and flashy deathblow, that grab the victory by making full use of the skills it will be the purpose of the user.

In addition, divided into seven of the country that appeared to anime, compete for each of the territory "ranking territorial war" is held regularly, you can also enjoy the battle with other players.

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