martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

スーパー戦隊レジェンドウォーズ Super Sentai Legend Wars(power rangers) - BANDAI NAMCO

 Download: Android and IOS

Video Gameplay

"Super Sentai" 40 Movies Memorial app
Crossover action RPG that successive heroes have appeared!
■ participation in one flick! Super Sentai heroes of the 3D model is combat versatile!
All you have to do is! One flick attack, also special skills triggered.
Deathblow of Align the main squadron Aim! Seoul (cost) is the squadron change it to disappear!

■ A new draw down card illustrations appeared one after another of the Super Sentai likeness is packed!
Express the charm of each Super Sentai unique card illustrations.
Highest rarity of the card moves illustrations!

■ "Super Sentai Legend Wars" Oh your original story in the game is deployed!
... The mystery is Tokiakasa Super Sentai each other fight
Original story will be released from time to time!

■ appeared that scene is as an item that saw a long time ago!
It appeared in items that nostalgia of the scene say Legendary ear!
Michibike victory distinguish the Legendary ear of the force hidden a variety of power!

■ That the music of memories revives in the app!
From "secret squadron FiveRangers" to "animal squadron FILL UP Ou jar"
Studded 40 work all the theme song! !
By all means, please play while listening to the theme song! !

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  2. ¡Hola! ¿Sabe si hay alguna manera de conectar este juego a la cuenta de la que se registró para recibir los bonos?
    O al menos la manera de entender si está conectado? Me gustaría saber si yo estoy ahorrando mis progresos o no