martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

Poker Face for Kakao - 포커페이스 for Kakao

Download: Android

♠ Various card games at a time
- 7 Poker, Badugi low, high-low poker, as well as Indians!
- Now enjoy the once in aenipang Poker!
♠ Poker lively stage
- The real pleasure of betting chips being thrown in!
- The greater the immersion of the plate in an atmosphere that is heightened bets!

♠ Sophisticated card design
- I do not want a little thing! The largest and most prominent in the mobile card poker!
- The soft, comfortable eye movements Cards!

♠ To draw on the roulette! Aenipang land!
- By unplugging the character card collecting various aenipang character!
- Put yourself in the breathtaking thrills to 30 trillion Gold Roulette Gold!

♠ KakaoTalk friends and the board game! Friends Match!
- Thrilling confrontation with katok friend goes to a real-time invitation!
- Whenever and wherever you want to look gyeorwo katok friends and win!

♠ The essence of Social Poker! Poker Buddy!
- Enjoy Playing poker buddy katok friends sent me!
- The more friends, the higher the probability of large jackpot -

♠ Money worries are enough!
- Katok Free Money and Super Lottery friends to send!
- To provide instant lottery where every 30 minutes! Enjoy without money worries.

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