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Labyrinth of the Grand Marche (グランマルシェの迷宮) - SQUARE ENIX

 Download: Android and IOS

Square Enix's new cooking × RPG!
"Labyrinth of the Grand Marche"
"Labyrinth of the Grand Marche" is,
Cuisine adventurers with spirits Sorushe of cuisine,
New sense RPG challenge to the treasure house "Grand Marche" of the ingredients of fascination!
Trying to capture the dungeon to guess the position of the enemy from the aura.

▼ Trying to carefully estimate the panel that have no enemies!
If you open the panel combo accumulation. Enough to earn combo, you can get a lot of Seoul to temporarily strengthen the character when you defeat the enemy!
It is the key to capture Earn well combo to guess the position of the enemy!

▼ Trying to get the ingredients to defeat the enemy in the dungeon!
Lurking new species life form that becomes a delicious food in the lure is in the dungeon!
Tilt the new species life by making full use of the character-specific skills, trying to get the food!
Source of good food is good food. Be the unknown dungeon sleeping unknown ingredients!

▼ Let's make in the restaurant with the food that you get!
Source of food adventurer forces are still cooking!
Eat the made dishes and trying to grow the character.
Also materials and spices in the same dishes, cookware, and workmanship of the dishes vary by cook!
However, it can not grow to eat just the same type of nutrition. Three types of nutrition and well-balanced intake trying to level up!
If Moraere eating made dishes to the other players as share food, gold can get in return!
We'll have to eat more and more to create a high-nutrient food!

▼ Luxury reward get turned higher in the rankings!
By the number of ingredients that the number and win that I had to eat a share cooking, Kisoo a player in the group!
Ranking of the result as soon as in get luxury rewards!

▼ Again to the Grand Marche in grew stronger character!
... To the Labyrinth of the search that unknown again Once you strengthen the character
All of the cooking adventurer dreams in search of "miracle Supper"!

▼ Corresponding terminal
Android4.0, IOS 8.0 or more, equipped with more than 2GB of memory terminal

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