viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016

Pocketfantasy ポケットファンタジー [Android - IOS]

 Download: IOS
When you start the game now, ten Seoul Jewel is get without exception !!
Pull the Reagacha, trying to GET the transcendence Reakyara !!

▼ gods of mythology, incandescent Battle !! by Minikyara
Trying to destroy the enemy with a strong skills incandescent command battle! Chara!
Level up crispy progress !! in the auto mode

▼ monsters defeated in the battle !! to fellow
Monsters defeated in battle, likely Hoshi in the fellow looking at here!?
In the full fellow monsters, trying to make the strongest of the party!

▼ inherit the skills to synthesize the character !!
Skill is inherited and to synthesize the character of the same attributes!
Lets make up the strongest characters of your own!

▼ weekly, held a rankings battle arena !!
If Kachinuke the rankings battle that takes place in the arena, a luxurious reward!
To strengthen the party, Aim the top ranking!

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