lunes, 25 de julio de 2016

SAMURAI SCHEMA 幕末維新戦記 放置ゲーム

  Download: Android and IOS

Log game that can easily enjoy a full-fledged RPG "SAMURAI SCHEMA (Samurai schema)"Ran through the various parts of Japan to stage the Edo period of the era, lets make up the strongest of the troops while a hefty Shishi to fellow.RPG to give lovers the Edo period! It kicks off the history of you just now.
*****************************************■ The "SAMURAI SCHEMA (Samurai schema)"? Edo period was on the stage, it is a game that you can play in the gap of time.You decided the troops configuration, such as equipment and patriot to take, the only order the expedition to the battlefield afterThis search type log RPG.
■ ease to play in a short time ■- "SAMURAI SCHEMA (Samurai schema)" is, as much as you want ... at the gap at any time in your timingFirm can be enjoyed in between!- Instructions to the various patriots who gathered to your original "or expedition anywhere on the battlefield," even is OK if!
■ Get the loot on the battlefield! - Patriot who is expedition according to your policy, accumulate experience, you have to win the loot.- You while I pleasure the results, will be determined a new loot and battlefield.
■ Patriot to meet on the battlefield ■- Such as Ryoma Sakamoto and Shinsengumi Toshizo Hijikata, character appeared based on the historical fact!- To fall into the hands of the battlefield was arrested in the patriots in how the treatment is changed!- Increase the fellow, or get the money and goods ... is your determination and luck will be tested!

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