viernes, 8 de julio de 2016

ガールフレンド(♪) - 音樂女友/女友伴身邊(♪)- Girlfriend

 ガールフレンド(♪) - 音樂女友/女友伴身邊(♪)- Girlfriend. Download Android and IOS


♪ Initial songs more than 20 songsIt appeared long-awaited rhythm action game from the girlfriend that 6 million people were in love (provisional)!Formed a unit with favorite girls, Aim nationwide.
♪attention to the original song and the unit songAppeared one after another plan ♪ is original character song or unit songYui Horie and Rie Kugimiya, Yukari Tamura, Ayana Taketatsu's like, starring scheduled more than 100 gorgeous actors a total.There is confidence in the goodness of the music. Let's aim to Furukonbo with your favorite songs ♪
♪ singing and dancing girl and Let's PlayTo the rhythm of music that girls sing, timely tap.Easy operation, can also be freely set exhilarating rhythm action ♪ difficulty levels.Dancing to the music at the time of play, dance of 3D characters must-see.
♪ Dress can enjoy Let's dress up your favorite girl in cute outfits ♪Costume parts more than 200, including limited! One after another additional plans.Score up will also aim at the dress.
♪ favorite girl and two people only of the storyBecome friends with your favorite girl, Susumeyo the secrets of the story, just between the two of us.

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