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Alternative Girls - VR Game - (オルタナティブガールズ)<VR対応RPG>

Download HERE: Android and IOS

Developers: CyberAgent Inc. 

Girl up close in "VR mode"!
Soon realism there like you're a girl!
There is full-scale VR story to all the characters!
The point of entering into the world of alternative girls.
You can enjoy without the VR goggles.

3D command Battle of the powerful!
Who commands RPG also enjoy easy operation!
A team, trying to battle by making full use of the skills.
The easy play auto mode also features.

Enjoy the story of a beautiful girl!
Story of full voice by the gorgeous voice actor!
It will be friends with the girls to raise the degree of intimacy.
You can also enjoy the story of "VR mode"!

Will Kaeyo dressed in your favorite clothes!
All girls of clothes produced in 3D!
Plain clothes and uniforms, etc., will Kaeyo dressed in your favorite clothes.
There is a lot of clothes one after another added soon!

Voice of appearances
Chika Anzai Miku UESAKA Endo violet Yurika Ito
Rumi Okubo Naomi Ozora Ai Kayano Ibuki Kido
Ami Koshimizu Ayana Taketatsu Chinami Hashimoto Mai Fuchigami
Aoi Yūki Haruka Yoshimura


Over the fate of youth, girls fight -

Lush seaside town, Tsukimori town.
Mysterious school girl, "Alternative" we attend that there was carrying a destiny to fight the "night Beast", there was "HiJuza school".

Hero one day, is convened to HiJuza school, be appointed to the Alterna our captain.

HiJuza these days at the school, called "vampire incident" had occurred kidnapping murder of the student.
In the process of chasing the clues of the case, the hero and the Alternative us,
in that we are involved in a mysterious incident ...! ?

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